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Do you service all wind instruments?
No, only to the transverse flute family, from the piccolo to the double bass flute

Is the assistance for all instruments or only for those supplied by you?
We accept requests for assistance for all instruments except for initial instruments (entry level) which we accept only if they are accompanied by our guarantees.

Is it possible to attend the interventions?
Initially the interventions were carried out with the owner at our side but we abandoned this practice as the constant interruptions for questions (and chatter) caused a considerable amount of time to be wasted and also disturbed the concentration on the work to be carried out.

Is it possible to access your office?
It is possible even if the dedicated spaces are only for collection and delivery, therefore access can only be made by appointment and in a limited number of people. Although not mandatory, a mask is always a good precaution. We have hand sanitizer and gloves available if necessary.

How are you dealing with COVID_19?
Upon the arrival of the instruments before the assessment, we proceed with sterilization using a certified device for the production of trivalent oxygen while at the end of the intervention we proceed with the final cleaning with a hydroalcoholic solution as indicated by the ISS, we sanitize with trivalent oxygen and, in the case of shipping, we seal the instrument.

Is it possible to try the instrument at the end of the operation?
Of course! We consider it necessary for your complete satisfaction, we are also available for any requests for special adjustments if you deem them useful.

Do you ship?
Once the intervention has been carried out, we take care of preparing the package but we do not organize the shipping, you will have to send us your trusted courier as you did for the delivery. Remember to send us the label issued by the courier to attach to the package.

How much will the package weigh? What measurements will it have?
Our standard packages measure 18x18x49 cm, the weight normally remains under 2 kg (without bags, case covers or accessories, please!!)

What should we include in the shipment?
We need the instrument and its case, everything else is superfluous and we ask you to kindly not send it. We remember to include your contact details with your tax code or VAT number in the case (for italian only).

Why do we need to enter the tax code?
The tax system adopted by us includes the exclusive issuing of the tax invoice at the end of the intervention, without a tax code or VAT number we cannot issue the document. We do not issue receipts or tax receipts.

How can we make the payment?
The balance of the invoice can be paid by cash or bank transfer.

How can we ship the instrument?
We recommend using bubble polyethylene (bubble wrap) to wrap the case and the important thing is that it does not move in the box. To block it, you can use polystyrene chips or, more simply, newspaper cut into balls.

Are the conditions safe upon return if we collect with the courier?
We would like to point out that it is always preferable to collect the instrument in person to be sure that it is exactly suited to your needs. We understand that this is not always possible. We have always accepted requests for collection with couriers and after some initial uncertainties we found a way to carry out the appropriate packaging.

For thirty years our instruments have been traveling safely across five continents