What often distances us from interventions to the instrument is the cost. The flute is not an overly complicated instrument, from its conception at the end of the 19th century to today not much has changed. What has changed over time is the refinement of construction and the quality of the materials. Each handcrafted flute has a unique precision given by its maker (today even the industrial flute has reached high levels but the difference is still evident). To put the instrument in optimal conditions, the maintenance technician needs to know the process of making the instrument and to be able to interpret what the craftsman wanted to achieve. This requires expertise and lots and lots of experience. The cost of an intervention includes not only the value of the time taken to solve the problem but also the competence, preparation and experience that led us to be able to solve the situation ... maybe even quickly! Before starting, we are available to determine the costs of each intervention, but precisely because of the specificity of each job we need to have the instrument in our hands.