Routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is certainly the most important service for the flute, as in addition to extending their life, it gives their original sound, reliability and stability. It is done regardless of the instrument conditions, we recommend that it be programmed at regular intervals, depending on the type of use.
The purpose of this service is to return the instrument as close as possible to its original condition, trying not to replace anything that is not strictly necessary, in order to maintain its reliability.
From our experience we can say that most of our customers who request maintenance at regular intervals, keep their instrument, even after decades of use, with the same initial reliability and in full efficiency.

How we do...

Check and quotation on delivery.
The service has a flexible duration but involves several hours of work and includes:

  • cleaning with deoxidation of body, head and foot
  • cleaning without deoxidation of mechanics
  • Tidying up with locking and lubrication of the internal rods
  • lubrication of pivot screws and shaft
  • verification and balancing of the pads with complete setup
  • Reassembling mechanism with fine adjustment
  • our final test
In the case of replacement of parts, we prefer to  use of original parts  when supplied by the manufacturing companies;  while in the case of replacement of pads, we prefer the reconstruction of the originals (when pad structure is still good), rather than the replacement with non-original .
For this type of service we keep the instrument for a week in order to do all the operations and do final test.
We are available, if requested, to customize the final setup.
It is preferable to deliver and pick up in person in order to do the final verification test on site.
If it is impossible to deliver/collect in person, you can use your trusted courier.
For collection we can prepare the instrument with parcel and packaging but WE DO NOT ORGANIZE THE SHIPPING (just waiting your courier to pick up)