Chi siamo

What about repairs... 50 years in the world of the flute have made us encounter a myriad of absurd situations, from the flutist who sits on the flute, to the dog who eats it; from the accidental fall, to the bass drum falling on it; from the detachment of the parts, to the melting of the pieces for clumsy repair attempts (made by the neighbor... who is a dishwasher mechanic). These situations always have one thing in common: "... I don't know how it could have happened..." :-)We have never given up on the challenge and we have always brought the instrument back to perfect functionality, even in the most absurd cases. In the event of an accident, DO NOT try to repair it yourself without knowing what you are doing, at best you will make the situation worse. In these cases, contact us immediately, and if possible we will give you instructions on how to recover the recoverable immediately without doing any further damage.