Fine adjustment

Among the standard service , FINE ADJUSTMENT is the fastest and most frequent, it need whenever the instrument does not seem to respond as it should. The precision of the making process gets us used to efficient instrument but the mechanics, with use,  lose this condition (obviously this also depends on how we treat the flute, how we transport it and how much we take care of it). The service, specifically, consists of the complete disassembly and reassembly of the entire mechanics including pivot screw oiling and pads, tone holes cleaning*
this operation is possible to do only when the mechanism is disassembled).

We can do FINE ADJUSTMENT in a couple of hours and by appointment only.
As the short time of service, we suggest that you deliver and pick it up in person the instrument. Before the service we check the instrument and make a quotation. At the end of service it is possible for you to verify the condition with the on-site test.